Mr. Tanmoy Das (Senior Vice President - Fairwood Group)

I am grateful and would like to thank Mr. Virendra Pandya wholeheartedly for his enormous contribution to the strategic wealth management advises and vital tips he has been providing me over a decade now which eventually led me to take the right decisions at every crucial moments in my life.

I truely admire Mr. Pandya's domain knowledge and meticulous professional outlook and sincerely express my gratitude for being able to compile my LIC portfolio for my entire family with such efficiency - both on risk coverage and return aspects.

Mr. Pandya had always been very supportive as I have perceived him consistently over the ages. I have always found him to be a thorough professional with high level of integrity, sincerity, dedication and truely committed towards his deliverables - be it professional or personal.

He had always been very supportive, jovial, caring and nevertheless the most commendable part of Mr. Pandya is his right attitude with prompt responses at any given point of time.

I am given to an understanding that Mr. Virendra Pandya has already achieved several top milestones in his professional career in as large organization as LIC and earned lots of chartbuster accolades till date.

With such strong passion and zeal I am confident that Mr. Pandya will travel a long way hereafter and I wish him all the success in life.


Mr. Rajendra Bhatt

Virendrabhai has in depth knowledge of insurance & explains it very well. I have learnt the importance of insurance, especially for pension plans from him. Where does a self-employed person get his monthly cash flows from once he stops working? Think about it, Virendra Pandya has the answer to this very difficult question.
He has been a thorough professional, punctual, committed as service provider. His reminders start much before premium paying date. He will follow up patiently & collect the cheque & would also deliver the receipt.
I have referred him to a few friends & all are very happy dealing with him. There is no surprise how he keeps winning so many recognition awards from LIC as we are witness to his excellence as an insurance professional.


Mr. Jani Mahesh

Mr. Virendra Pandya is highly committed to his profession, his community and his faith. He has an outstanding work ethic and his moral standards are of the highest calibre. I would recommend Mr. Virendra Pandya to anyone without hesitation or reservation as an insurance consultant. As a busy professional, I was extremely pleased to make contact with Mr. Virendra Pandya who helped design good combination of insurance product which suits tax free pension requirements. He is knowledgeable and provides excellent personal service which includes communicating with me in the manner that is best for me!


Mr. Dinesh Kumavat

"It is without hesitation that I provide a testimonial for Mr. Vriendra Pandya. I have been a client for Mr.V. Pandya for many years and he is a man with great integrity, work ethic, and one of the nicest persons I know. Mr. Pandya also is committed to making this world a better place through his work.   He is very trustworthy and provides excellent service. Mr. Pandya has made the process of dealing with insurance easy and painless. This is a process I normally dread but he made it easy. He made recommendation that no other agent had ever made all the while. Thank you for all your patient assistance during the state of confusion and helping me to bundle everything together. Also appreciate that you used your experience and expertise to help save money on the policies.

Thank you for taking great care of us on our insurance. Mr. Virendra Pandya have been wonderful person to work with. He is very mindful of customer satisfaction.

Mr. Pandya has been able to provide insurance counseling and advice   for myself personally. He is very knowledgeable in his profession.  A great community booster, he likes to stay in touch with what's happening locally and you can usually find him getting involved in the worthwhile causes. I am glad to call him a friend.

I would recommend Mr. Pandya to anyone without hesitation or reservation."

Thank you & Good Luck Mr. Pandya.


Ms. Cressida Almeida (Sr. Operations Manager- Yatra.com)

Thank you for taking great care of us on our insurance. You and your team have been wonderful to work with. I always getting best and prompt service from you even on holiday when most agents wouldn’t answer a phone call. I never missed any premium it’s because of your support team only. I am getting regular calls for Premium Payment. I really enjoy being your customer.


DTC Department