Importance of health insurance for a sound heart health

In today’s fast-paced life, irrespective of how hectic our schedules are, we should take the time to focus on our lifestyle choices that ultimately affect our health, especially heart health.

The best insurance policy for a senior citizen: Personal policy or employer’s group policy?

Employer-offered group insurance policies don’t have waiting periods. This means your senior citizen parents, if they are enrolled here, are covered from Day 1. But a personal insurance policy is lifelong renewable, irrespective of your claim history. It doesn’t stop the day you leave your employer.

LIC policy: Legal heirs have no right to seek plan and nominee details of the policyholder – CIC order

The Commission observed that just because the appellant is the legal heir of his deceased father does not give him the right to receive the requested information.

Life insurance rule : Minimum sum assured an investore need - Explained

Life insurance rule: One should opt for a life insurance that offers minimum sum assured to the tune of 8 to 10 times one's annual income.

How OPD cover ensures enhanced protection in your health insurance cover

With the rise in health emergencies and increase in medical costs, an OPD cover that pays for non-hospitalisation-related medical expenses, can prove to be a valuable addition to your health insurance plan.

All you need to know about investing in a right cancer insurance plan

Cancer plans are defined benefit plans that cover various type of cancer. These plans provide better coverage and features as compared to a critical illness plan.

Health Insurance: Know why insurance companies reject claims and how to avoid claim rejections

The sole aim of taking a health insurance plan is either to avail the benefit of cashless hospitalisation or to get the amount paid during hospitalisation reimbursed.

Missed declaring your health condition while buying an insurance policy? Here’s what you can do

Don’t expect leniency from your insurance company on pre-existing disease disclosures at policy renewal. Consider porting to a new insurer after declaring your health conditions.

LIC’s New Pension Plus: Know the options of investment funds to select the best suited one

Like the NPS, LIC’s New Pension Plus (NPP) also has different investment funds, from which a policyholder has to choose the one that would best suit him/her.